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in the nick of time the elite mobile salon and spa

Magazine! Ashley happened to be in a restaurant and was browsing through the magazine when she found the article!
Magazine! Ashley happened to be in a restaurant and was browsing through the magazine when she found the article!

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In the Nick of Time

By Rick Mundy

Overcoming personal trials, Ashley Ivey brings her elite mobile spa to the area.

What if you could enjoy the benefits of a full-service spa for your wedding party where the spa comes to you? Everything from makeup, nail and hair care to facials, massages, waxing and more? With in the Nick Of Time Elite Mobile Spa, you and your friends will be pampered in the comfort of your own home. It is the creation of proprietor Ashley Ivey, and came into being, in part, because of her own life story.

Growing up, Ashley threw herself into her daily routine: school, church activities, and at fourteen, working in the family business. Then just months from graduating and preparing to attend the University of Miami, Ashley felt her toes start tingling and then go numb. Over the next days, she couldn’t control her movements and would walk into walls. Only 18, Ashley was diagnosed with a severe form of multiple sclerosis. She never returned to school that year.

What followed in the next few years was an arduous period of treatments, hospital stays, recoveries, and relapses. Finally Ashley headed back to school, giving her something to look forward to after years of fighting her disease. First at Nova Community College and then on to George Mason, she excelled and was close to finishing. Three months before graduation, however, she fell at school and relapsed again. The school decided that she would not graduate and would have to come back another year to finish. Ashley talks of her personal “motivator button” which kicked in, and she convinced the school to let her try. Drawing on her strong faith in God, she graduated cum laude, got her physical therapy license and passed the board exam.

Her struggles did not go away. First Ashley worked at Virginia Hospital Center for nine months. Then another relapse. Upon recovery, she established a physical therapy health and wellness center, operating alongside iCare, her mother’s home health care business. Feeling that her troubles had subsided, she started speaking at churches and even made a video describing her challenges and how, with God’s help, she was able to overcome them.
in the nick of time the elite mobile salon and spa

Then in January of 2014, she experienced her worst relapse ever, lasting six long months. She lost her vision and had to shut down the health and wellness center and move back to her parents’ home.

Never giving up, Ashley pressed on. She regained her vision and started thinking about what she could do next. Recalling the lift she always experienced when she received a massage or had her hair done at the hospital, she hit on the idea to offer health and beauty services to groups by bringing the spa directly to them. “I wanted to give people a fun experience they could enjoy as a group without the hassle of traveling to the salon.”

Ashley wrote a business plan, sold her house to finance the operation, and In the Nick of Time Elite Mobile Spa was created on April 18, 2015. Starting by offering treatments for hair and nails, the business has expanded to include a full range of
spa services.

“We have 15 licensed professionals covering all aspects of the operation: cosmetologists, nail technicians, estheticians, massage therapists, and caregivers—all passionate about providing outstanding service and creating a memorable event.

“Since starting almost a year ago, our clientele has increased and the business is growing. We are seeing a positive impact on those we serve,” states Ashley. “For those looking to enhance that special event, In the Nick of Time offers the perfect solution.”

The mobile spa is available for weddings, corporate engagements, girls’ night in, and bachelorette parties to name just a few. For more information about In The Nick of Time or to schedule an appointment, call 703-865-5877 or go to InTheNickofTimeSpa.com.

8 Great Hospital Gift Ideas

hospital gifts in the nick of time mobile spa

Gifts to get a friend in the hospital

What do you get someone who is going through a tough time in the hospital?
Hospitals have a great gift shop full of flowers, candy andhospital gifts in the nick of time spa
But what if you wanted to think outside of the box and give a gift that is different from the others
Below is a list of great gift ideas to cheer a friend or family member up while they are in the hospital:

amazon video

1. Buy friend a series or movie on amazon.This is similar to a Netflix except it is A la carte. Here is more info: https://www.amazon.com/Instant-Video

2. Personal care gift package. Some of the most valued things in the hospital are lotions, snacks, and wipes.

3. Write a poem. Most of us are not professional poets, but trying your creative side may be fun for you and fun for your friend. The less professional you are the more fun it is!

4. Order their favorite healthy meal! It can be a big treat for someone in the hospital to have outside food. It can also be a great surprise! (Ask patient’s nurse if there are any food restrictions & follow accordingly.)

5. Softies! Pajamas, blankets and slippers are a great gift to provide comfort to you friend or loved one.

eidble arrangements

6. Order an bouquet from Edible Arrangements.This makes for a great health snack! (Confirm with patient’s nurse that they can have fresh fruit) Find our more here: https://www.ediblearrangements.com/

7. Pamper them to a great manicure and pedicure in hospital! In the Nick of Time will bring all equipment and supplies to provide a full spa and salon in your loved one’s hospital room! Find out more here: http://inthenickoftimespa.com/hospitals-mobile-salon-spa/

8. Gift of your company.Spend quality time with your friend or loved one. Play a game, read a book, or watch a good movie. A great time guaranteed!

Thanks for reading! We hope and pray your friend or family member has a speedy and complete recovery!

4 Foot Tips for Diabetics

for foot tips for diabetics foot care

What Is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Easy way to remember:
Neuro = Nerves Pathy =Disease
Greek & Latin Roots

In layman’s terms diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage.
In diabetes high blood sugars cause damage to nerve fibers, most often in the person’s legs and feet.

What Does This Mean?

Often people with diabetic neuropathy have 2 major issues:

1. Difficulty feeling their feet
The nerve damage can cause numbness in certain areas or the whole foot.
2. Difficulty healing
Often there is also a slow of blood flow (blood brings oxygen and healing agents)

What Can Happen


1. Difficulty feeling feet: If a person with full sensation in their feet steps on a nail, the immediate pain will make a person get off the nail. However if you do not have full feeling in the bottom of your foot, you may not get off of the nail as quickly as needed. Someone who has peripheral neuropathy may suffer injuries in their feet they do not feel.
2. Infection: Decreased blood flow, means that there is also a decreased ability for oxygen and other healing agents to get to wounds quickly. In diabetic neuropathy simple cuts can become sores, and sores can become wounds and wounds can be very hard to heal.

So What To Do?

There are several things patients with diabetes need to be mindful about.
happy feet foot

4 Foot Tips for Diabetics

1. Wear shoes, even if it is just slippers around the house. This will protect your feet from injury. Also wear shoes that fit. Shoes that are too small may cause friction and wounds on parts of the foot.
2. Carefully wash and dry your feet! You always want to make sure your feet are dry in the crevices of your toes. Fungal infections can form in small, damp places!
3. Be careful about nail salons basins. Some times proper precautions are not taken to clean the basins and bacteria can be left in the water jets of the basins. With diabetic neuropathy you have to be extremely careful about not getting infections in your feet.
4. If you are cutting your own nails, cut them straight, and do not cut the skin around them. Try to not cut too close too your skin to avoid cuts and bleeding.

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