Is it safe to color my hair when pregnant?

Good Question!

The question was asked: Is it safe to color my hair when pregnant?

Yes you may! Coloring your hair while pregnant is not a problem at all provided you seek professional guidance first. You can use ammonia free hair color products as well as highlight your hair, but being careful not to apply color to your scalp.

Things to remember!

– Use ammonia- free base/ semi permanent or all natural hair dye like Henna
– Test a strand first
– Do this in open space, properly ventilated
– Better to be in done after 1st trimester

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The Perfect Blow Dry In Your Home

in the nick of time perfect blow dry ellen

Why go out for a blow dry, when you can have


A great blow dry can be the difference in your look!
Flat hair & unmanageable tangles all are made great with a #perfectblowdry! Have a blow dry bar in your home!

( Go Hokies!)

blow dry wash 1. Start with a great hair wash & condition.
Make sure your stylist never forgets to condition your hair.
With all the heat, stress, and oils that our hair has so to put up with, a great conditioner will soften and give your hair the bouncy shine it needs!

blow dry 2. Your stylist will dry your hair, grab a great round brush and blow dryer & get to work!
Your hair will be sectioned off, blow dried and pinned to hold the curl!

salon blow dry 3. Your stylist will let your hair “set” in the clips for 5-10 minutes and then unravel the curls!
This is where your bouncy, shiny hair can be let free and styled! To keep these bouncy curls it is best to pin curl your hair every night for the best results!in the nick of time perfect blow dry ellen

What Is Hair Weave & Hair Extensions?

What Is Hair Weave & Hair Extensions?

Artificial hair integration’s which adds length and/or fullness to human hair. This can be obtain by either clips, glue, and braiding techniques.

Hair Extensions Past, Present Future

In the early 1900’s Hair Extensions were seen as a luxury, and only people who had a surplus of money could afford them. The extensions of this era were called switches and they were clipped into hair, quite similar to what we do today.
hair extensions blog in the nick of time mobile salonThere is also evidence that human hair extensions were widely used back in ancient Egypt as cosmetic adornment and this dates back as far as 3400 BC.

Worn by Pharaohs and other important people these extensions

were attached to the hair using a complex system of weaving and knotting techniques.

In present day we have all kinds of Hair Extensions and techniques to suit your fancy from bonding ,to braiding tracks which we attach the hair on , and micro linking just to name a few.


Hair Extension Blog In the Nick of Time Hair SalonThe best quality hair used today is Malaysian virgin hair. Malaysian hair resembles your genuine hair. They also have less expensive hair as well, although the hair looks just as good the hair results aren’t as long lasting as the Malaysian virgin hair. Long hair seems to represent power and passion for ladies and femininity. These days with technology increasing you see celebrity and media changing the way ladies achieve that special look. Even wigs are starting to play a big role in the hair industry.



So what will we expect for the future of weaves and extension? Who knows but at the rate we are going from past and present the sky is the limit!