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  • This is my general availability for the current week. I try my best to accommodate all client requests.
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Mahtab graduated from the Paul Mitchell School in 2015. Hair & Makeup is her passion.

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Each technician sets their own prices, locations they are willing to travel, & availability. Clients visit our website and use the filter to find the technician that provides their desired service is their location. Once a client selects a technician they can view service list and prices and book on their profile page. Once submitted, clients will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation of their request. If the technician declines the request, clients are notified via e-mail. If the technician accepts the request, clients are notified via email and they will receive an email link for payment.  All services are paid for in advance. On the date/time of service, technician arrives to client’s home with all supplies and equipment to provide services.

*Note: Technician response time varies from 5 mins to a couple of hours depending on their schedule. We try to expedite this as much as we can.


Women's Hair Care

  • Women's Hair Cut

    A customized haircut with Blow dry finish. Comes w/ shampoo & conditioner5

    $ 50
  • Face Framing Haircut

    Trim the side of the hair around the face

    $ 15
  • Up-Do

    Hair needs to be washed a day before the actual service

    $ 75
  • Kid's Hair Cut Plus

    Hair cut and blow drying (style)

    $ 55
  • Kid's Hair Cut

    Hair cut for kids under 12

    $ 35
  • Hair Trim

    Just cutting the end of the hair no texturizing

    $ 30
  • Hair Cut Plus

    Haircut plus blow drying hair

    $ 75
  • Blowout

    Hair must be washed upon arrival

    $ 50
  • African American Hair Blowout w/ Hot Tool Use

    Hair must be washed upon arrival

    $ 80
  • Add On Shampoo & Conditioner
    $ 20
  • Express Blow Out

    Blow dry and style dry clean hair

    $ 85

Men's Hair Care

  • Men's Haircut

    A customized haircut that can be done with clippers and shears or shear only

    $ 45


  • Add Hot Tools (add on)
    $ 25
  • Add Braid

    Add braid to the blow out

    $ 15
  • Add Clips Extension

    Clients need to provide their own extensions

    $ 40
  • Add Ponytail

    Add ponytail to the hair

    $ 15
  • Bang Haircut (add on service only)

    Just cut the bangs

    $ 5

Bridal Styles

  • Wedding Party (Hair)
    $ 85
  • Bridal Hair Trial

    Send a picture of what style you are looking for

    $ 90
  • Wedding Party Makeup

    Glamorous makeup plus eyelashes

    $ 90
  • Wedding Trial Make Up

    Picture of desired look needed before appointment

    $ 100
  • Bridal Makeup Plus Lashes

    Send a picture of what type of makeup you are looking for

    $ 200
  • Bridal Updo

    Send a picture of how your hair looks now and a picture of what style you are looking for

    $ 130

Make Up

  • Natural Makeup

    Very simple and natural look

    $ 65
  • Evening Makeup

    Very glamorous Make Up

    $ 75

Hair Color

  • Hair Color: Root Touch Up Only

    Root Touch Up

    $ 70
  • All Over Color

    Extra charge for using more than one color bowl or extra bowl for lightener

    $ 5
  • All Over Color (Shoulder Length)

    Need consultation must be booked 4 days prior to receiving actual services, pictures required

    $ 100


  • Eyelash Extension Consultation

    Consultation needs to be done a week prior to the service

    $ 30
  • Consultation needs to be done a week prior to the service

    Eyelash extensions needs to have a consultation a week before the service

    $ 170
  • Full Set classic Eyelash Extensions

    Eyelash extensions needs to have a consultation a week before the service

    $ 170
  • Eyelash Extension Refill

    If clients refill lashes every 3 weeks

    $ 85
  • Lashes

    Add to the eye makeup

    $ 20
  • Eyelash Extensions Refill

    Needs to refill every 2 weeks

    $ 70
  • Individual Eyelash

    Add to eye makeup service

    $ 30
  • volume eyelash extensions

    3D/4D eyelashes

    $ 250
  • Hair extensions human hair

    tape in , fission


  • Full highlights

    shoulder length

    $ 350
  • Partial Highlights

    shoulder length

    $ 250

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