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In the Nick of Time provides pure luxury and quality at your event! We can be the center of the event or an excellent addition that your guests will not forget! Whether you are having a corporate event, bridal event, or ladies night in, we can do it all!

Some Of The Company Events We Have provided Services

(All pictures/video on our website with clients/technicians without masks/face coverings were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic)

In the Nick of Time provides services for all types of occasions

Local Reviews

" Thank you, Ashley. It was a wonderful afternoon and we are looking forward to scheduling another one.... I'm still raving about the massage."
Manicure, Massages, & More | In the Nick of Time: Elite Mobile Salon & Spa Services for Event / Parties
Mrs. Audrey
Spa Party Manicures & Massage
Ashley's Spa Company provided outstanding services for my great grand baby's shower. It was so special to be able to offer her services to our guests who were so excited to come with chipped or no polished nails and go away with over the top beauty of hands and nails. I would definitely add Ashley's service to a shower or any gathering that you want to be special. her spa will pa,per your guests in an exceptional way."
Mrs. Armeata
Manicures At Baby Shower
" Sarah and the girls really loved the spa morning before the bridal shower. It was truly perfect. So., thank you again for such a wonderful experience!"
Manicure & Pedicure Home Service | In the Nick of Time: Elite Mobile Salon & Spa
Bridal Shower

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