alex 1

Engagement Photos

You just got engaged and are ready for the engagement photos! Have our team come to your home to do your hair and makeup for the photos. We are able to add hair extensions, lashes and more! Remember your make up is all for the pictures. alex 2


Bridal Trial & Consultation

Before your wedding we come to wherever you are and test and try different makeup and hair styles. We want you to look your best on your wedding. Lets play with some looks! dafina2


Bachelorette/Bridal Party

Now it’s time to get all of your bridesmaids together, have a party! Wine, food, mani and pedis, makes sense to us! Have a couple of your girl friends together and relax and enjoy each others’ company! bache1

sherryl wed1

Wedding Day!

You are ready for your wedding day! In the Nick of Time team comes wherever you are getting prepared for your wedding and does your hair and makeup! We also can do the mother of the bride and bridesmaids as well! wed sher




This client called us when she was in a nursing facility, recovery from a neurological issue. We were able to come to her facility, provide a mani and pedi and then when she got home she called us again! We are very pleased she is doing much better!! hazel2



This client has difficulty getting around and out of the house. She loves being pampered but needed someone to come to her! We came and did a mani and pedi right in her living room! rebecca 4

elle 1

Broken Leg

This client called because she had suffered an injury and could not wash her hair. She particularly loved our portable hair sink. It allowed her to sit back and relax in our hair bowl! ellen22


Gift From Grandson

This client’s grandson saw our van and got a special gift for her! Hair and nails right are her facility. What a wonderful grandson! She kept saying ” I am being treated like royalty!” spencer1

Ladies Night In



Whatever the celebration, we love to be a surprise to your guests. This client called us to surprise her friends, guess their astonishment when they arrived to a spa in her basement ! alexis1


AKA Party

This client called us to treat her and her sorority sisters! They wanted beauty, relaxation and health. We did manicures, massage and healthy juicing! geri1


Ladies Night Special

We provided massages for these clients. 8 ladies all excited to get their massages In the Nick of Time! spa night tonya

Expectant Mommies


Mani and Pedi Please!

This beautiful mommy had spent way too long in the hospital. She wanted the spa to come to her! Well, we did In the Nick of Time. chris33


Mani Pedi and Facial

Our client wanted the spa to come to her hospital room. She said she needed a facial, mani and pedi. No problem! We can do that 🙂 jen44

Our Awesome Clients!