Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Nick of Time provides clients access to top professional beauty and wellness professionals that travel to client’s locations. We do not have any brick and mortar salons. 

 All technicians on our site are independent. They have their own supplies, equipment and decide what services they want to offer and what locations they are willing to travel to.

Visit the pricing/booking page HERE. Use the filter to input your desired services and location. Results of the filter will come up. From there view their profile by pressing on the technician name. 

Each technician chooses where they want to travel. We are not able to mandate every technician on our site to go everywhere. Our overall areas are Northern Virginia, DC, and Southern Maryalnd.

If there is not a travel fee for that particular technician, that means they do not travel to that area. 

Technicians require a travel fee due to travel expenses, tolls, added time necessary for travel etc. 

All technicians have the option to accept or decline clients. Declines sometimes happen because the technician is booked on that day or the client does not add a travel fee, or has requested a location outside of their travel area. 

Technicians typically respond fairly quickly to booking requests. However since they are providing services all day, it may take a couple of hours or even a day or so to hear a response. If you have questions email is at

On the website: When the stylist confirms the date and time of booking, you will be required to pay for services in full to hold your reservation. 

On the app: When you book a technician the app will require you to put in credit card. Your card is only charged once the technician confirms your appointment. 

Gratuities are not included in the price of the service but are gladly accepted. Our stylists and massage therapists can take cash tips. These tips are fully recorded.

No. The technicians on our site bring all supplies and equipment to your location.