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How To Create Your Profile

How To Create/Edit Profile

To login to your portal visit:
Press Sign In (on the top right corner of the page)
Under Log In put your username and your password 
Once you are logged in, press
My Account on the top right (where the sign in button was)
Press Dashboard to see:
Bookings (Pending, approved or cancelled bookings)

Get an idea of what  a live profile looks like and how it works. Each part of your profile is crucial. If you have any difficulty or need help, email

Accepting Clients

Email Notification

You will receive an email when a client books with you.

Login to your account to view the request.

Accept or Decline the request. If you can provide the service, but are unable to do the requested date/time, do not decline the request. Email so a representative can let the client know your availability. 

After you accept a client, they have 12 hours to pay for the service. You will receive an email letting you know the client will pay. Additionally it will be displayed as PAID on your bookings tab of the dashboard