Raise Funds To Make Someone Feel As Special As They Are!

Exclusively for In the Nick of Time, Go SPA me!™ is the ultimate crowd funding source that allows family and friends to raise funds,  gifting their loved ones amazing beauty and pure relaxation services at their location.


Bring Smiles To Family and Friends By Gifting These Services:

Hair        Nails        Facials       Massage          Makeup  

Professional stylists, barbers, and massage therapist come to clients’ locations with all supplies and equipment to create the ultimate spa experience

Go SPA me!™ Allows Funds To Be Raised For On Site Salon And Spa Services For

6 Different Categories!

Graduation Hair & Makeup, Prom Manicures

Raise funds to gift your well deserving graduate a super special day! Celebrity status! Hair, makeup, nails all done at her home before her big day!

What a special gift for your graduate!
Busy Moms
Busy Moms
Stay At Home Moms, Soccer Moms, Work Force Moms

Raise funds to gift the busiest woman in your life a super spa day! This is great as a surprise!

Busy moms deserve the best!
Pregnant Mommies
Pregnant Mommies
Bed Rest, High Risk, Pick Me Ups

Raise funds to give her comfort, relaxation and beauty during her pregnancy.

Create a special memory that a pregnant mommy will never forget.
Anniversaries/ Parties
Anniversaries/ Parties
Girl's Night, Couples Anniversaries, Birthday Parties

Raise funds to gift Mom & Dad an amazing couples massage for their anniversary! Raise funds to create a special party your family/friends will never forget!

Celebrate in style! Bring absolute luxury to your special occasion.
Cancer/ Illness
Cancer/ Illness
Homebound, In Hospital, In Nursing Faciility

Raise funds to gift massages and spa days, allowing them to forget about their illness and feel as special as they are!

Make your loved one feel great and look amazing during a difficult time.
Bachelorette Party, Pre-Bridal Massage, Wedding Day Events

Raise funds to give her the best wedding day ever! She will feel ultimately relaxed knowing her hair and makeup stylists come to her before the wedding! 

Gift the bride will never forget!!

Professional stylists, barbers, and massage therapist come to clients' locations with all supplies and equipment to create the ultimate spa experience

Create Account And Share In Less Than 5 Minutes!

How It Works

Go SPA me!™ is the ultimate crowd funding sources, giving family and friends the opportunity to gift in-home/on location salon and spa services to friends in family. 100% of funds raised go directly to services that changes a loved one’s life! To get started, clients create an account for themselves or for a friend/loved one. Responses will be used to create their own Go SPA me!™ page. There are buttons on the finished Go SPA me!™  page that allow anyone to easily share the page on social media to get more contributors! There will also be a public account number that will be used by contributors to gift towards the account. The Go SPA me!™ recipient is able to use funds to book in- home/ on location salon and spa services by TOP professionals! They will use their R code (redemption code provided once page is set up) to redeem services. If you have further questions please read our FAQ (frequently asked questions)


Ashley's Example Page

Ashley's Story

“When I was in and out of the hospital and undergoing chemotherapy it was very hard for me.
I had a great support system and family and friends were always there, loving me and trying to keep my spirits up in this difficult time.

Everyone was asking,

“What can I do to help”

With a Go SPA me! account, I would have been able to give family and friends an opportunity to add something even more special to their cards; a special gift to make me feel better.
Go SPA me! Is a great opportunity for family and friends to give a tangible gift to bless my life right when I need it, In the Nick of Time”

Ashley Ivey

Owner/Founder In the Nick of Time

Crowd Funding With Heart

Go SPA me!™ accounts were made and are supported with love from family and friends. Funds are being raised to gift salon and spa services at their location! What a great gift for someone so deserving!