Go SPA me! For Family Or Friend

Contribute To Your Friend or Loved One's Happiness!

Exclusively for In the Nick of Time, Go SPA me! is the ultimate crowd funding source that allows family and friends to raise funds, gifting their loved one amazing beauty and pure relaxation services at their location.

This form is used if you would like to make a Go SPA me! page for a friend or loved one.

Please Ensure That The Person You Are Making This Account For Agrees To Have Their Information Placed On The Site

  • Your Information

  • Please list a number that we can reach you. This number is used for administrative purposes only and will not be placed on the site.
  • This is your opportunity to describe why you created your account and want to raise funds for on location (home, hospital, event, wedding) salon and spa services for your friend/loved one. Please begin by writing " I created this account..."
  • Create a name for you account example: " Ashley's Go SPA me! Pick Me Up Fund"
  • Your Family Or Friend's Information

  • Only their first name will be placed on the site. Their last name is for administrative purposes only.
  • This address is used for administrative purposes only and will not be placed on your site.
  • About Your Family/Friend's Go SPA me!™ Account

    Exclusively for In the Nick of Time: The Elite Mobile Salon & Spa, Go SPA me!™ gives family and friends the opportunity to make a tangible difference in a well deserving person's life. As their family/friend you are encouraging other family and friends to raise funds to gift them salon & spa services n site at their location!

  • Go SPA me! accounts can only be created for 6 categories of causes. Please choose which category fits you. If you have a category you would like us to consider adding to our list, please e-mail us at info@inthenickoftimespa.com
  • Drop files here or
    Upload a picture so that other family and friends will see the person they are donating services to! You can upload several if you would like.
  • This part will be added to the profile. Editing may be done if there are spelling/grammatical errors.
    Go SPA me! Terms & Conditions are HERE (This will open up a separate tab, information you have provided will not be lost)