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(This page serves as an example of what Go SPA me! pages will look like. Ashley’s story is real, and this is what her Go SPA me! account would have looked like 12 years ago when she was diagnosed. There is no real Go SPA me! account for Ashley, this serves as an example only)

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Created with love July 15 2004

" I created this account because Ashley will be going through 6 months of intensive chemotherapy to treat a very aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis. She is my baby and deserves to feel great in this tough time. Thank you in advance to all family and friends that contribute to my child's happiness"
When We Took Ashley To Univeristy Of Miami
Donna Ivey on behalf of Ashley

My Story

Written by Donna Ivey, Mother (created Go SPA me! account)

My daughter’s name is Ashley and she had a life changing experience at the age of 18 that she is still living with now. As a senior in high school, she was on her way to University of Miami to pursue a degree in physical therapy when she was suddenly stopped in her tracks. After being accepted into the school, her dad and I surprised her with a trip down to University of Miami right after her 18th birthday in January. It was great- we signed all the papers, visited the entire campus and came back home excited for the opportunity. Two days after she came back, Ashley started complaining of 3 toes on her left foot being tingly. She told me, but being that I thought she was suffering from senioritis (not wanting to go to school since she was about to graduate) I told her that she had to wait until her other toes got tingly and then I would take her to the doctor. Well, the other toes got tingly, her waist became numb, she was always tired, her vision became blurry and she kept bumping into walls/couldn’t walk a straight line. This made me take Ashley to different specialists and doctors in the area. February 19th, 2004 one month after taking the trip to University of Miami Ashley was diagnosed with a severe form of Multiple Sclerosis. All the tests came back positive, from the MRIs to the evoked potentials to the lumbar puncture. This is the start of our journey with the disease.

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Woman in nail salon receiving manicure

Manicure & Pedicure Every 2 Weeks

We would like to raise money to get Ashley an in-home manicure and pedicure once every two weeks for the duration of her chemotherapy treatment. She is unable to go to regular salons due to physical limitations.

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When We Took Ashley To Univeristy Of Miami

Love, Her Mom

" I made this Go Spa me! account for Ashley because so many people are asking what they can do to help our family. We are appreciative of all the support! Many people would like to make a tangible difference in Ashley's life, and this is an excellent way to do it! Chemotherapy is hard, but she is a trooper and is making her way through it, the best she can! Please consider contributing so that Ashley can still feel amazing despite this rough time."


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