Frequently Asked Questions Go SPA me!

What is Go SPA me!™

Exclusively for In the Nick of Time: The Elite Mobile Salon & Spa, Go SPA me!™ is the premier crowd funding source that allows family and friends the opportunity to make a tangible difference in their loved one’s life by giving the gift of beauty & relaxation. Go SPA me!™ accounts raise funds for the purpose of giving the recipient the option of what elite salon and spa service they would like to receive onsite at their location (home, hospital, wedding, hotel or event). Go SPA me!™ allows family and friends to raise money in which 100% goes directly to a service to change their loved one’s life!

Why Did In In The Nick Of Time Launch Go SPA me!™ ?

In the Nick of Time launched Go SPA me!™ in 2016 to give family and friends the ability to contribute to their loved one’s happiness, joy, and well being. In response to several clients wanting to gift services, Ashley CEO/Founder, wanted to create a bigger avenue for this gifting process.

“When I was in and out of the hospital and undergoing chemotherapy it was very hard for me.

I had a great support system and family and friends were always there, loving me and trying to keep my spirits up in this difficult time.

Everyone was asking, “What can I do to help”

With a Go SPA me!™ account, I would have been able to give family and friends an opportunity to add something even more special to their cards, a special gift to make me feel better.

Go SPA me!™ Is a great opportunity for family and friends to give a tangible gift to bless my life right when I needed it, In the Nick of Time”

Ashley Ivey

Owner/Founder In the Nick of Time
find out more about Ashley’s story here

FAQ & Terms & Conditions

Go SPA me!™ allows accounts to be made in two different ways. Either people can create a Go SPA me!™ account for themselves or someone can create an account to raise funds for a loved one. 100% off the funds raised goes to the recipients salon & spa services provided by In the Nick of Time’s stylists Go Spa me! 4 Me Go SPA me! accounts can be made for by the person who will be receiving services. The 6 categories Go SPA me!™ accounts raise money for: Wedding/Bridal Activities, Cancer/Illness, Pregnant Mommy, Anniversary, Busy Mom, Graduation/Prom.
Maid Of Honor: Makes a Go SPA me!™ account for her best friend the bride to create a surprise bridal party for her that includes manicures and pedicures for everyone Daughter Of Mom With Cancer: Daughter makes Go SPA me!™ account for her mom who is battling cancer and has to go back and forth to chemotherapy. She wants to make her mother feel amazing. The daughter creates the account to allow family and friends to contribute to make her mother feel great despite the chemo. The account allows for her mother to get manicures and pedicures every week during and after chemotherapy. Son Of Parents Who Are Having 30th Year Marriage Anniversary: Son makes account for all brother’s sisters and friends to raise money to get parents spa day at their hotel. He picks for his parents to receive a couple’s massage, manicure and pedicure. Friends Make Account For Pregnant Mommy: Pregnant Mommy is in the hospital on bed rest and her friends want to lift her spirits! They make an account and the pregnant mommy picks a facial, manicure and pedicure to be done right in her hospital room. Graduation/Prom: Parents know that most of the family lives so far away and want to contribute to their daughter’s prom and graduation. With the graduation announcement, they provide a link to their daughter’s Go SPAme! account so that family and friends can contribute to their daughter’s hair, makeup and pre-graduation relaxation massage! Husband Treats Wife/ Busy Mom: Husband wants to let his wife know how much family, friends and community loves and thanks his wife for all she does. He creates an account and allows everyone to contribute to surprise his wife to get her hair done regularly to thank her for all of her for being her!
Go SPA me!™ allows money to be raised for onsite salon & spa services for 6 different categories: Weddings/Pre-Bridal Activities, Cancer/Illness, Anniversaries, Pregnant Mommies, Busy Moms, & Graduation/Prom.
In The Nick of Time: The Elite Mobile Salon & Spa brings salon and spa stylists and services to clients, wherever they are: home, hospital, hotel, events, weddings and workplaces! Stylists, barbers and massage therapists bring all supplies and equipment to provide hair care, nail care, massage, makeup, eyelash extensions, facials, waxing, and spray tanning wherever clients are. In the Nick of Time is totally mobile and does not have a brick and mortar salon or have a bus where clients come in; stylists meet clients right where they are. In the Nick of Time is the first of its kind providing these services to not only high end clients that love the convenience, but also to the everyday busy client who enjoys on call services and also to ill and home bound clients who need a pick me up during a down time. On the website clients pick their own stylist/barber/massage therapist, browse their portfolio, and book right from the website! In the Nick of Time is in the process of launching a mobile app in both the Google and Apple store which will give even easier functionality for clients to pick and book their stylist/barber/massage therapist. In the Nick of Time provides services to Virginia, Maryland and DC.
When you are ready to redeem services you may book services online with one of In the Nick of Time’s stylists, massage therapists or barbers. Pick what services you would like, date and time of your onsite salon and spa day! At the bottom of the form on their page check the mark that says “ I am redeeming Go SPA me!™ donations” and type the R code (redemption code) that you were given when you established your account. Your account will be verified and services will be booked!
As soon as you begin raising funds you can start withdrawing from the amount you raised!
Yes, you may create a Go SPA me!™ account for a family or friend. If you are making it for a family or friend keep in mind their situation and if they want that situation to be public.
No, setting up a Go SPA me!™ account is totally free!
Once you create your account, please allow 1-2 business days for your information to be populated and your profile to be created. You will be sent, by e-mail, a link specifically for you that will go directly to your page. You may copy/paste this link onto your social media platforms or into your email. You may also press the share on facebook and twitter link that is on your page.
When someone donates you will be sent an email with their information, donation amount and any comments they left.
When you create your Go SPA me!™ account there will be an option on the bottom of the form that asks if you would like your account to be private or open. If you would like your account to be kept private it will not be featured on a main page on In the Nick of Time’s website, you will have a private link that you and people you share it with will only be able to access. Please let the people you share your link with know that you would like for it to be private.
Yes, when people donate they will have the option to donate publicly and have their comments/pic etc. and donation on the website. If they choose private only the amount they contribute will be public.
When you create a Go SPA me!™ account there will be an option on the bottom of the form that asks if you would like the account to be private or open. If you choose open, it will be on the main Go SPA me!™ page. This is a public page on In the Nick of Time’s website, which gets over 5,000 visits per month. If you decide to make your account public most likely you will not only meet but exceed your monetary donation goal. You also have the option of having your account featured in In the Nick of Time’s online newsletter. If you are making this account for a family member or friend, please be mindful and consider any privacy obligations you may have or any the person may want to have.
You can share your Go SPA me!™ account by pressing the link on the page to share on facebook and/or twitter. You can also copy/paste the browser link for your webpage on email or social media.
Go SPA me!™ donation funds are redeemable for salon and spa services provided by In the Nick of Time Inc., they are not redeemable for cash
When you create a Go SPA me!™ account you will have the ability to write a custom note that will automatically be e-mailed to everyone who contributes!
100% of the money raised for the Go SPA me! account is used for the client’s onsite salon & spa services. Unlike other crowd funding websites, Go SPA me! does not take any percentage from the amount that is raised.