Nail Trends And Nutrition

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Let’s admit it girls; we all love to be stylish and always to the point. That’s why the need to have our hair, nails, makeup and skin in perfect condition everyday is a necessity. Especially concerning nails, we have to take good care of them in order to be able to follow all the super exciting upcoming trends for Fall/Winter 2016-2017.


Nails always were at the center of attention, but nowadays an amazing looking hand with trendy nails is a must. In order to have healthy nails though, products only aren’t enough. Did you know that some Vitamins are essential for strong nails? Make sure your nutrition is full of Vitamin B12, A and Biotin as well. When your health and diet are balanced and your nails at their best, you can get your nails pampered by a skilled expert; because nails want some love too, right?


Professionals know the right techniques and products to make your nails like you never seen them before. They know well what is hot right now. From really funky designs, to simple classic colors, and from dual-toned manicures to glitter and really dark colors, these trends will make you crave a color change constantly in order to try them all! As far as shape goes, oval, long almond, squared oval and rounded nails are in for the upcoming season.


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8 Tips To Make Your Wedding Day Makeup Last

It’s Your Big Day!
Your Makeup Has To Stay!

The question was asked: How can I ensure my makeup lasts throughout my wedding day?

This is a day to remember, so much planning, so much prepping but it is finally here!

Your mind could be on your groom, but since you know he will always be there your mind then focuses on something that may run that day… your makeup!!

It’s always good to have a plan of how your makeup will last throughout your entire wedding day. We have compiled some tips that our brides find most useful!

8 Tips To Make Your Wedding Day Makeup Last

1. Select a great makeup artist! One that will listen to what your wishes are and give you ideas from prior wedding experience!
2. Start with a clean, washed face. No matter how wild your bachelorette party was, this is a new day, new face, new life… 😉
3. Have your makeup artist use a good primer on your face to keep makeup in place
4. Use a setting spray to set your makeup. If you do not have that, a brief mist of regular hair spray will work as well.
5. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara are a must!
6. If you would like to get a facial before your wedding, do so 3-4 days before. Sometimes facials can bring out impurities that can make your skin vulnerable temporarily. 3-4 days allows all of that to occur before your big day.
7. Try to blot tears, on wedding day; avoid wiping tears to ensure makeup does not smudge and run onto the tissue
8. Pick an amazing maid/matron of honor to have touch up blush, eyeliner and lipstick.

Remember: Your makeup is essentially for the pictures! When you are doing a makeup trial, take pictures in great lighting get a gist of what you will look like!