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Ashley's Story

“When I was 18 I was diagnosed with a severe form of Multiple Sclerosis
that the doctors treated with 6 months of chemotherapy. Being young, I was very sad that I was not able to do the things others my age were able to do, I was unable to easily leave my home and losing my hair wasn’t that great either.

One time when I came home from the hospital, my parents surprised me and had nail technicians come to our home and give me a full manicure and pedicure spa treatment! It may seem small, but it meant the world of difference to me at 18.

I wanted to share this with others that would like to feel and look great but for whatever reason have limitations (time, availability, disability etc.) may not be able to conform to the regular spa environment. These services are very close to my heart since I have received them. I personally understand the impact feeling and looking great has on a person’s life, and that sometimes they can be received just In the Nick of Time.”

Ashley Ivey Askew
In the Nick of Time: The Elite Mobile Salon & Spa

Multiple Sclerosis Diseases - Ashley Ivey Askew

Full Bio


As an upwardly mobile high school senior, Ashley had big dreams of attending University of Miami and joining their Doctorates of Physical Therapy program. January 2004 Ashley was accepted into this great University and her parents and her took a trip to the campus to sign papers and accept the admission offer.
When they arrived back from Miami, Ashley began experiencing changes of sensation in her toes. At that time, she did not know what was the cause. Ashley began experiencing more and more changes in sensation, difficulty in vision and trouble walking.

February 19th 2004, one month after being accepted to University of Miami, Ashley was diagnosed with a severe type of Multiple Sclerosis.

MS & School

For 3 years Ashley was in and out of different hospitals, rehabilitation and treatment centers and experienced various MS symptoms and difficulties.
In 2007 Ashley enrolled and took a few classes at Northern Virginia Community College with a concentration on English Composition. Soon after she applied and was accepted to George Mason University with a Major in English Composition and Minor in African American studies.

” It seemed as if when I started school, the MS got better- relapses were less severe and less frequent. It was like because I had a goal and something to look forward to I was able to take my mind off of the disease” -Ashley Ivey.
Ashley Ivey Askew
Ashley Ivey Askew | Physical Therapist Assistant at Virginia Hospital Center

Physical Therapy Degree

Despite continued MS challenges, Ashley was determined to get back to the physical therapy field. She selected a Physical Therapist Assistant program and NOVA Medical Education Campus. She began the program in 2008, excelling and enjoying the program.
In early 2010, a few months before the last clinical, Ashley suffered a severe MS relapse that kept her in the hospital for several weeks with several debilitating MS symptoms including the inability to walk on her own.
At this point it was advised that Ashley attend an acute rehabilitation center in order to regain her ability to walk and perform daily functions. However, in the days after this advice, Ashley’s condition improved and she was able to be discharged from the hospital.
At this point she had missed a significant amount of school and instruction. There were strong recommendations for Ashley to restart the second portion of the program the next year, however Ashley was determined to get 4 weeks of school work done in 2 so that she able to go to clinicals on time with her class.
Ashley completed all school work on time, finished clinicals, and graduated Cum Laude with her class in May of 2010.
Ashley passed her board exam in July of 2010 and began her first job as a full time Physical Therapist Assistant at Virginia Hospital Center in August 2010. She worked primarily on the stroke and neurology floor where she was able to help others that had suffered neurological illnesses.

Outpatient Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

In May 2011, Ashley once again suffered a severe MS relapse that kept her in the hospital for 2 months.
After a long and difficult recovery, Ashley began working full time with I-CARE Home Health Care in August of August of 2011.
She started the Outpatient Physical Therapy Center with I-CARE in 2012 with a neurology focus. In 2013 Ashley began I-CARE’s Health and Wellness Center that had a holistic approach to health care. Ashley continued to treat clients with physical therapy needs and added health coaching to her repertoire.
In 2013, Ashley led several healthy living seminars and workshops focused on empowerment and awareness.
In February 2014, 10 years after her initial diagnosis, Ashley had the most severe debilitating MS relapse she had had in which she had which included the lost her ability to see in her left eye, ability to walk and lost the ability to feel on her right arm. Ashley was in and out of several hospitals, rehab and treatment centers for 4 months trying to regain her abilities.
Ashley’s condition began improving slowly and by August 1 2015 she was ready to begin working again.

Birth of In the Nick of Time Inc.

After being closed for business for 8 months, I-CARE decided to take the health and wellness center mobile. In Sept of 2014 I-CARE began performing health and wellness as two 55 AND older facilities in Manassas Virginia. Ashley continued to direct these day to day operations and I-CARE Marketing efforts. In Nov 2014 a client found them online and asked if they provide this at home can come to the home for her mother that was in hospice. Ashley was excited to do this because when she had first became ill with MS, her mother brought a nail technician to her home to do her nails to so that she could look and feel great. In Dec of 2014, I-CARE Inc. decided to separate the businesses and Ashley began In the Nick of Time: The Elite Mobile Salon and Spa a business that provides salon and spa services to clients at their location (homes, hospitals, hotels, events etc.) In the Nick of Time had it’s Grand Opening April 2015.