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Dawn a licensed cosmetologist and travels to DC and many areas of Maryland & Northern Virginia.

*NOTE Below is a list of available services and travel locations for this technician. All technician’s set their own prices, travel locations and bring their own supplies and equipment to clients’ locations.

Please make sure you fill out the form below completely. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation in 1-2 mins, email us at info@inthenickoftimespa.com.

Travel Locations: If a technician does not have a travel price for a certain location, that means unfortunately they do not travel to that area. You may put your situation & need in the box below that says ” Is there anything else your stylist/ therapist should know?” and request the technician to provide a travel price for your desired service location

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Dawn has 15+ years of being a cosmetologist. She loves when she restores clients confidence and feeling of being beautiful inside and out.
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Maryland: Bowie, Oxon Hill, La Plata, National Harbor, Silver Spring, New Carrollton, Takoma Park, Capitol Heights, Annapolis, Laurel, Indian Head, Greenbelt, Glenarden, District Heights, Upper Marlboro, Olney
Washington, DC: All of DC
Virginia: Springfield, Arlington, Alexandria
Availability: Mon-Sun 9am-8pm
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  • Hair Care : Hair Blow Out, Women's Hair Cut, Hair Color, Hair Highlights, Flat Iron, Hair Trim, Flat Twists/Bantu Knots, Hair Updo, Half Up/Half Down Styles, Hair Sew In Weave, Crochet Weave, Loc Maintenance, Hair Extensions, Bridal Styles
  • Nail Care : Classic Manicure, Classic Pedicure, Gel Manicure, French Classic Manicure, Spa Pedicure
  • What City/State Do You Need Services (VA, MD, DC)? <h4>*Note: To populate this field correctly, make sure you choose only ONE location</h4> : Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA, Springfield, VA, Washington, DC, Annapolis, MD, Bowie, MD, District Heights, MD, Glenarden, MD, Greenbelt, MD, La Plata, MD, Laurel, MD, National Harbor, MD, New Carrollton, MD, Olney, MD, Oxon Hill, MD, Silver Spring, MD, Takoma Park, MD, Upper Marlboro, MD
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